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Clarus Management Immobilien Strategie
A bespoke real estate strategy

Clarus is active throughout all stages of the core-property lifecycle. Our work begins in the planning phase, with the strategic development of optimal architectural and engineering concepts. These are based on in-depth property analyses, focused testing and accurate assessments.

Property strategies with a vision

Clarus works with landmark properties with a high impact factor and potential for a long holding period. Our properties are located in key German cities. This strategy of careful property selection pays off in the long term and lays the foundation for sustainable returns with low vacancy rates.

Clarus offers its clients a comprehensive range of services to ensure that all property-related and financial aspects of asset management will be handled efficiently during the planning and analysis phase. At the property or facility management level, this includes the preparation of lease frameworks, the coordination of negotiations and the careful selection and management of all service providers. Clarus can draw on many years of experience with various asset types such as retail, residential, office and accommodation. We ensure smooth operational processes right from the planning phase.

Budget planning and control

Clarus relies on active investment management. Instead of just managing, we plan for the future and develop modern options for increasing the value of our real estate. This includes a continuous review of real estate strategies and optimization on the basis of a target or current status of our properties. Ongoing location analyses at a micro and macro level give us an accurate picture of current market conditions and allow us to create strategic recommendations. Maintaining and increasing the value of our real estate is no coincidence, but instead the result of targeted and proactive transaction management.

Our clients benefit from transparent and detailed budget planning. The budget compilation is regularly adapted to the current market situation. The extensive, monthly monitoring of the target and actual development in comparison with the targets set in the business plan provides indications and recommendations for action when it comes to an adjustment of the current real estate strategy. This enables us to make precise forecasts on current and future developments and results. 

In addition, regular analysis allows us to make accurate forecasts for future market situations. Thanks to our sustained marketing activities, we are always present in the market and can quickly compensate for short-term fluctuations. With this comprehensive and sustainable real estate strategy, we secure reliable, transparent and successful returns for our clients.